Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport which has only been around for about 25 years. Hunstanton was involved right from the start, when kites were tested and developed by UK manufacturers on the local beaches.

The sport has grown locally, from a few hardy souls struggling to learn and progress with the first mass-produced kites, to the latest generation of equipment making learning this fun activity much easier. It is now a rapidly growing sport suitable for all ages - we have a local kite surfer of 75 years!

Hunstanton beaches have become a popular kitesurfing destination due to the large expanse of relatively flat unobstructed water. The prevailing south-westerly wind gives our beaches the cross-shore conditions kitesurfers prefer.

The two most popular kite launching areas are on the beach opposite the green in Hunstanton, and on the beach to the left of the RNLI building in Old Hunstanton.

At Hunstanton you can park at the pay-and-display car park on the promenade or join Hunstanton Sailing Club and use their facilities. If you go down the concrete slipway and bear to the left, pass over the first groynes - this is where the majority of local kitesurfers prefer to set up. For your own safety, it is recommended that you only launch your kite when you and the water are clear of the groyne. You will also need to check tide tables at, as setting up and launching is not possible at high tide.

On a spring tide, sand bars form, creating large areas of butter flat water which give ideal conditions for both learners and the more experienced to practise the moves they are trying to master. Seals can be seen sunbathing on these sandbars so don’t be surprised if they appear in the water near you.

For Old Hunstanton you can park at the Cliff Top car park or behind LeStrange Arms Hotel. Most people set up and launch in the area between the RNLI access track and the cliff. Take care if launching at high tide with a SW wind, as the cliffs can create gusty conditions close to shore.

Once on the sea you can expect anything from smooth water to 2-3 foot waves depending upon tide conditions, making this an ideal area for all kitesurfing abilities. Be aware of the mussel beds towards the cliff end of the beach once the tide starts to drop.

Always introduce yourself to the local kitesurfers who are friendly and can advise on local conditions and hazards.